Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Our Open Day

Exhibition of Embroidery including pieces on loan from the National Embroiderers’ Guild, Demonstrations, Sales Table, Try-out sessions, and Refreshments
St Andrew’s Church, Glencrutchery Rd, Douglas
Saturday, 22nd February 2020 10am – 4pm
Children welcome with accompanying adult
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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Saturday 18th January 2020 EGM and Workshop

With a good attendance at our meeting, we were able, unanimously, to pass the amendment to our Standing Orders to allow committee officials to serve longer than the previously permitted 3 year term. We also were able to plan for our February "Love to Stitch" open day and lots of members had answered the call to bring in pieces for exhibition. 

Workshop - Dorset Stitchery

16 of the 18 ladies who had signed up, were able to attend, so it was the best showing that we had had for a long time. Everyone received a kit with the  necessary materials to produce a small pouch with an embroidered front. Dorset Stitchery uses fairly basic stitches and ladies seemed to enjoy refreshing their memories of blanket, chain and feather stitch. Two even managed to complete the embroidered front and those who stayed to the end, had made very good progress.

Hopefully, most will go on to follow the instructions and complete the pouch.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Social Stitching in the Freezing North!

On Thursday 9th January, with the first snowfall on the Mountain, nine ladies made their way to Costa in the Mooragh Park, Ramsey. We were especially pleased to have Caroline with us.
It was quite a busy venue for such a morning, but the lighting was good and, as usual, it was a pleasant couple of hours with, possibly, more use of tongues than needles!!

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Saturday 14th December Christmas Celebration

A goodly number of ladies and Young Embroiderers came together at 1pm to enjoy, first of all, a wonderful contributory spread of all sorts of goodies.

And this was AFTER we had eaten!
Afterwards Our Chairman, Marilyn, had prepared kits for us to create a Christmas tree decoration.

One finished earlier and one work in progress.
A couple of hours then passed pleasantly as everyone stitched away.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

17th November 2019 - "Inspirations" and African Wall-hanging

After a brief business meeting, Janice Cottier delivered her talk "Inspirations".

This took us back to her growing up in Scotland with relatives who were keen embroiderers, involved with WI and Embroiderers' Guild. Wonderfully, it seemed nothing had been thrown away but stored in the attic, so there were samplers, magazines, newspaper cuttings and pictures, which we passed around and wondered at.
Janice eventually left Scotland for Lesotho, working in a school and inspiring the young pupils in creativity and, in turn, being inspired by the colours, landscape and animals of that country.
It was there that she met her husband, who came from Andreas, and they eventually came back to live on the Isle of Man. The African influence is very strong in the variety of work that she produces and she brought along some of the pieces from the recent exhibition at the Hodgson Loom Gallery.

Because it was our winter schedule and business, talk and workshop all took place on the one day, time to work on the African inspired wall-hanging was more limited than usual. However, participants made good beginnings, as can be seen in the photos and, hopefully, we may see some finished items in the future.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

UFOs have landed!

This month's social stitching at Sunset Lakes, just outside Peel, was well attended and three ladies brought along pieces from past workshops.

This stained-glass applique piece from the Lis Binn's workshop in April this year, has been completed by Rosemarie S.

Janet W produced the kits for the Charity Day in July and made this sample.

Maria P had her own take on what to do with the kit and produced these fun sheep.
There won't be a Social Stitching event in December but the next one, in January, will be held at Costa in the Mooragh Park in Ramsey on Thursday 9th. Let's get a few more UFOs to land!

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Various from September and October.

Apologies to those of you who actually read this blog, that it hasn't been kept up to date lately.

Back in September the evening AGM was poorly attended but Stella's workshop the next day  proved quite popular. There haven't been any photographs provided, so this must remain un-illustrated.

Social Stitching on 2nd October was held at Riley's Eden conservatory.

October's Evening meeting and Saturday workshop were in the capable hands of Sheena Quayle and titled respectively "Experimental Printing" and "Printing on fabric and paper".

The above photo shows a piece of lace, which has been coated in acrylic paint and used to print a pattern onto sugar paper.

The prints on the above example were created using a gelli mould, made by Sheena, from gelatine and glycerine. Acrylic was rolled onto the surface, then an Indian wood block created the pattern in the acrylic. In the darker example, the gelli mould was covered in a sheet of paper and gently rubbed to transfer the design onto the paper. The process was repeated, with fabric used instead of paper, at the end. It can be seen that there is a considerable difference in tone depending on the medium used.

The collograph above was made from shaped pieces of card, cut from packaging. It was then painted, first in monochrome and then multi colours. See below.

Thank you to Maureen Kennaugh who provided the photos of her own work, so that this blog could be written.