Thursday, March 31, 2011

Garden in History - Pat Kelly

It was a great shame that although 9 people signed up for this workshop only 5 turned up! 2 sent their apologies as they were ill. They missed a real treat. As usual Pat had done her research and not only brought along a great deal of source material but gave us a very interesting potted history of gardens from the time of the Egyptians to the modern day. We then were asked to take one of the many photocopies as inspiration and to roughly design our own garden! Easier said than done. However everyone not only managed to do that but also to make an enthusiastic start on the embroidery. It is always fascinating to see how everyone interprets their ideas. The day passed all too quickly with much laughter and chatter not to mention numerous cups of tea and coffee to keep us going! Thank you Pat, for a most enjoyable day.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tatting and Chatting - Judy Morrey

Judy gave us a very interesting and enthusiastic talk on her passion for tatting and how it all began. She told us a little about the history of the craft and showed us some lovely shuttles that she had collected over the years. Some members were already enthusiasts but those who were beginners managed to produce little pieces to be proud of.

Colonial Bonnets

Marie Radcliffe and Dee Newson held a workshop making bonnets in memory of the plight of women in times gone by.