Monday, November 5, 2012

Machine Embroidered Lace - Wendy Dolan

Wendy in front of a sample piece she made for the Millennium Commission for Ashbridge College, Herts.

Wendy traveled over to the island from her home in Hove to give us a very interesting illustrated talk on Art, Architecture in Stitch. She managed to bring over a large suitcase full of her work to illustrate her talk and to show us her beautifully executed work. She told us how she layered up her fabrics, stitched them together and then painted them before starting on the embroidery. She managed to incorporate her fine art training with her stitchery making her work very painterly.
The following day her workshop was inspirational.  She introduced us to working on soluble fabric.  For those who had already worked with it she gave us many ways of incorporating all kinds of threads and attaching the motifs we produced. Wendy never stopped encouraging and telling us her secrets for the whole time she was with us.  We feel very envious of people who live in the south who can go to her many courses and workshops at West Dean College near Chichester.

These are some of the gorgeous samples Wendy bought with her to inspire us

Here we are hard at work.
Wendy explaining to Jean the finer points!

Sue hiding behind her sewing machine!

This time it is Mary!
Wendy demonstrating how to dissolve

Jean, Pat, Theresa and Mary admiring the days work!

Jean proudly showing her day's work. Well done!


Our AGM was well attended with the business dealt with swiftly and the new officers voted in.  It was followed by a demonstration of Flower Trapping by Ann Trew. Ann showed us which flowers were suitable and how to flatten the flowers so they would sit nicely when trapped under fine chiffon. She bought along this beautiful quilt together with cards and framed pictures she had made along with kits for us to have a go with at home.