Friday, December 9, 2011

Patchwork Bag - Charlotte Shafto

Charlotte came to the meeting bearing huge bags containing a variety of of exquisite quilts she has made over the years. Two of her favourite patterns being the Star and the Log Cabin. Her wonderful sense of colour was very evident and huge appreciation was apparent. Non of us know how she produces so many, as she has a very busy life and also visits Spain frequently where she and her husband spend quite a lot of time.She admits that it is her passion. The following day she encouraged and cajoled 12 enthusiastic ladies - some experienced patchworkers and some not - to work hard to produce lovely bags. Her enthusiasm and experience was very evident and she gave us all the hints and little wrinkles that help to make them look quite professional. We went home swearing that they would be ready to show at the next meeting!! We will see how many have managed to at this busy time.

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