Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Black and White Work - Sian Martin

Sian Martin showing us her "Eye" which was made by another group
Sian flew over from Gloucester in appalling weather to give us a very interesting talk entitled "Stitched Connections". Her interest in embroidery began when small, sitting under the table that her mother was working at and pushing the needle back up through the cloth. Her father was a graphic designer and helped her mother design the alter frontal for Bangor Cathedral which she embroidered. Her mother was a professional  embroideress. She remembered Constance Howard and bought a piece of material that she had been given by her and encouraged us all to take a bit.The workshop was inspirational. Sian spread her enthusiasm over everyone and encouraged us all to interpret a 4 inch square taken from a photograph in black and white.  We had no idea what the whole picture would be until the end of the afternoon when she put them all together and lo and behold! there was the Laxey Wheel! Helen Sargent, Sheila Dove and Sian carried on into the evening putting it all together so that it could be exhibited at the Queenie Festival. There is still work to be done but it caused a great deal of interest and is a very lively and vibrant piece of work. Well done, all who attended and our thanks to Helen, Sheila and Sian for getting it sewn together.
Sue Carine

Marian, Janet and Sheila

Sian Martin with the original print and some black and white samples

Sian hard at work displaying work on our new display boards

Maureen concentrating very hard!

Janet surrounded with bits

Sue and Jane hard at work
Marie pondering what to do next!

Gathered round to see what we have produced

Sian's original black and white print

Our semi finished piece. Isn't it fabulous!
Utter amazement that it has come together!

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  1. Delighted to see the finished piece and enjoyed all the pics showing the fun you all had in the making. Sian Martin