Monday, February 4, 2013

Dyeing - Julie Fayle

We each purchased scarves from Rubina Porter hand made by the ladies at The Sreepur Village in Bangladesh..Under Julie's instruction we dyed them, block printed, beaded and stitched them. It was a great workshop and we each came home with a unique hand made scarf. I have today forwarded a cheque to Rubina for £275 which was the proceeds from the sale of the scarves and cards from Bangladesh. She was so pleased with the support that she has had from us that our pictures have been put on the Merseyside Guilds web site and in the Sreepur News. If you log onto you will see the workshop pictures and there is a small write up.
 Thank you very much Julie for a wonderful day.

Caroline printing
Our drying methods!
Julie checking the drying!
Pans simmering
Helen timing the microwave method - what is the result!
Sheila printing
Standing back admiring our work.
Here we all are wearing our beautiful scarves
  I am so pleased you all look wonderful. It sounds an exciting day. It would be good for other groups to do the same. The regional news would be a good way to tell of the event- or what about Stitch Mag or Workbox it is such a lovely story about your branch helping the mothers at Sreepur. Thank you for all your effort in all of this. Thank you again. Pat yourself on the back
The fruits of our labours!

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