Sunday, May 1, 2016

Free Machine Embroidery Workshop

Nine members took part in the April workshop which aimed to experiment with the technique on both traditional fabrics and soluble fabrics.  The following images show how hard everybody was concentrating!

Experience of members ranged from complete beginners to very knowledgeable but the major conclusion at the end of the day was just how very different each sewing machine was when it came to setting tension up for free machine embroidery - this took some time for some machines!  Experiment is the key because every machine is different.

Jean worked steadily throughout the day and has kindly shared her finished workshop piece on soluble fabric.
Other pictures included samples of Maureen Kennaugh's (the tutor for the day) own work so that construction could be seen.

This was an exciting and successful workshop which was much enjoyed and the participants were very grateful to Maureen for sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm.

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