Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Paper Mania Workshop

Mary McIntosh, visiting City & Guilds tutor from Sudbury, Suffolk followed her Friday May talk to the Guild entitled “Adventures in Textiles” with an inspirational workshop on the Saturday with the theme of  “Paper Mania”. 
Mary brought a great variety of her work to show on Friday, and explained, not only her sources of inspiration, but  her working methods.  Members were thoroughly impressed with Mary’s work and agreed that her work was “truly different”.
This set the precedent for the Saturday workshop, where, after Mary’s instruction, members went to work interpreting Mary’s designs and instructions with such concentration that for the most part the workshop was quiet!  Throughout the workshop, Mary was attentive, and, so, at the end of the workshop there were many completed pieces of work to show!
The workshop consisted of mixing pre-painted newspaper, layered with three to four layers of lustrous chiffon which was then stitched and the layers of chiffon removed to varying degrees using heat tools and additional stitching added as required.

As you can see, there was an overwhelming degree of success with this workshop and we were all very appreciative of Mary’s expertise.

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