Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Corset Belt Workshop 24th September 2016

Gill Roberts tutored a fabulous workshop on Saturday to make a corset belt.

It was a big learning curve on how to bone a bodice and put in eyelets; but everyone accomplished it and we were so engrossed that the course over-ran as no-one wanted to leave!
As you can see from the photos, everyone reached the final stages of construction and had a wonderful day. The photo of the corset is one of Gill’s fantastic creations, which wasn’t shown the previous evening during her informative talk.
The talk had ranged widely over the history of corsets – originally they were meant to disguise the female shape, so as not to inflame men's passions! Gradually this changed, so that the waist was emphasised and the bust lifted. There is also a darker side, as corsets, with their lacing, play a role in dominatrix fantasy - but no one could possibly see a dark side to Gill's beautiful and intricate corset/bodices, which she has created for wedding dresses and formal wear.
Thank you, Gill, for travelling over the IOM. If you want to see more of her spectacular creations, please visit her web site

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