Monday, January 23, 2017

Museum Visit on 21st January 2017

Our visit to the Manx Museum was a real treat for those who attended. We started with a fascinating power-point presentation by Yvonne Cresswell. This prepared us to fully appreciate the exhibits and hidden gems that we were going to be shown. The quilts and samplers held by the museum are not just examples of techniques and design but the materials used tell their own story of the social history of the era, when each was made.

Apparently the Victoria and Albert Museum (no less) regards the Manx collection very highly. The V&A have pieces preserved purely for aesthetic appeal and with no back story, whilst on the Island, each piece has as detailed a provenance, as possible, which provide signposts to further research.

Afterwards we viewed the items in the galleries in a different light and felt very privileged to see many pieces - from a (possibly) 16th century stumpwork box to 20th century work by Larch Garrard and Alison Quaye - which are not usually seen by the public.


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